DNA and sketch comprehension
The first step consists of receiving the designer's sketches and participating in the marketing brief.
Interpreting the design lines 
Then I did the modeling in “Alias Studio”​​.  During this stage, I kept in touch with the designer and the CAD Department in order to retain the original concept and anticipate the feasibility of the product.
3D printing mock up 
Once the “Alias Studio” file is validated by the various managers (Design, Marketing, Mock-Up), I used the 3D printer to freeze the product’s shape by an ergonomic test.
Different stage of mock up
Next come the different stages of prototyping to reach the final Mock-Up. This finalized prototype, once validated, l served as a
reference for the production model.
Inspiration from the innovation department
During the conception, we interacted with the Innovation Department to validated the materials desired by the Design and Marketing Department.
Integration of technical constraints
Being on the site of production with the production line allows us to anticipate any feasibility issues.
Assembly of the mock up 
When the 3D print has been validated, the final stage of the mock-up can begin. This includes different choices in colors, 
materials and the production process. This allows us to validate the product range.
Final mock up
Our accomplishments introduced during the presentation of the Cartier collection at the “Silmo”, as well as in other professional shows, followed by the commercialization of the products.
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